Welcome word

Dear friends!

Welcome to the XIII Congress of the Russian Association of Oncological Urology.

What has become RAOU Congress for us over the years? This is the event that annually welcomes more than thousand delegates from Russia, CIS countries, Europe and the USA. This is the integration of best practicies of urologists and oncourologists, chemotherapists and radiation therapists, surgeons, pathomorphologists and many other specialists. This is the point at which intersect our ways to achieving the highest standards of treatment of oncourological diseases. This is the platform through which young doctors do not just take over the experience of leading experts, but also present the results of their own research.

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed the rapid development of surgical techniques, the emergence of new, more focused, technologies in radiotherapy, innovative approaches in the drug therapy of cancer, have found the most effective combinations of these methods. All these years we were together, and took an active part in the discussion, development and introduction into clinical practice of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. I hope that further steps in the fight against oncourological diseases, we will also do together. I am sincerely happy to meet up with old friends and new participants of Congress!

RAOU President
Corresponding Member of the RAS, Prof. V.B. Matveev